I’m Going On A QUEST Not a Journey

The use of the word Journey has put me off somewhat with all of the self-help reference overuse. Journey is a great word, but all it makes me think of is having a back pack on and walking for a REALLY long time…. I like the word quest because it has more of a connotation that I am actually searching for something. That I am doing something active.

I am on a quest right now. It is probably a similar quest to everyone else but oh well. I want to understand what is real. I want to understand what is real in context and relation to my human consciousness and sensory experience. Agency–everyone wants to know if they are truly free. Does “Order” contribute to freedom or restrict it? Many people have tried to glimpse into the mind of God. If there has been any success it is only because He has shown us in his own time. How frustrating it is to see flashes of light only to observe your current surroundings knowing that they are primitive. Religion vs Gospel. Is it really a a versus match?

In my postings I will be getting straight to the point of what I am exploring at that present moment. I will try really hard not to go off on tangents. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I will be posting scripture references (  The Book of Mormon, Bible, Doctrine and Covenants) and concepts that come from my experience of this so far. I find it completely relevant as I see the “Study Of-” math, science, history, biology, basically any and all subjects of existence to be interrelated and the patterns found in them can lead to enlightenment. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints you can be sure that I will be speaking of Jesus Christ. Some people may immediately label me as a “Jesus Freak” and stop reading now as they do not believe in Jesus Christ. The study of Him must be explored, or as we move into reaching for the reason of reality nothing will make sense as a whole, which is what I want to understand.